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5 secrets that will help you pray more powerfully...

even if you feel you lack faith.

These interviews are wonderful, inspiring, and faith-strengthening. You should read them!

With astonishing honesty

"God rescued me from suicide after I collapsed because of an incorrect perspective." An American soldier shares his life's lowest point and the way out.


The impossible

After experiencing multiple miscarriages, a young, married woman desperately wanted a child and applied for the test-tube baby program. However, they were unable to determine the cause of the problem even then. In the end, God made the impossible possible through prayer.

Cancellation of debt

I was in a hopeless situation when God rescued me. After applying the secrets of the most effective prayer described in a mini-training, God delivered me from a multi-million debt trap. It may seem impossible to you, but it isn't to God.

Love Letters from God

God's message for 2024

Heres is God's message for 2024 for you!

Only I know....

“Only I know what you need and how to provide it to you.” says the Lord.

How to forgive yourself?

Forgiving yourself is the one think the person cannot do. How can you forgive?
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